For Dogs


Funny video: French bulldog - "conqueror" of cat houses. What do cats think?

Sometimes dogs and cats can get along and be friends. In other cases, cats will simply tolerate dogs and their antics, because

An infectious rhythm is set by the Georgia bobtail: everyone dances!

Bobtail or Old English Sheepdog Georgia has been passionate about dancing since childhood, and her owner shares a video with her subscribers on the Internet,

Xoloitzcuintle or Mexican hairless dog: the most ancient living

Most of the dog breeds common in South and North America came there with settlers, after the discovery of these continents by Europeans. Some

For Kitty

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Blind cat Dmitry became a TikTok star

A cat with no eyes has gone viral on TikTok, but his owner has an important message for fans: she encourages adoption of disabled animals!

Interesting facts about white cats

White cats are magnificent in their flawless whiteness. Many cat lovers rank them among the most beautiful cat breeds. We've made a list

Funny video: French bulldog - "conqueror" of cat houses. What do cats think?

Sometimes dogs and cats can get along and be friends. In other cases, cats will simply tolerate dogs and their antics, because

For Rodents

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"Hamster stories": keeping a hamster by all the rules

How do we choose our animals? Sometimes by accident, sometimes deliberately. Someone's dream of a furry (and not only) friend comes true immediately, others

Mickey and Ricky - funny skinny guinea pigs

Today our guest is Nastasya from Odessa, the owner of two skinny pigs, very funny and cute. Join the conversation to

Meet the giant continental rabbits!

When we think of pets, most of us think of a dog or a cat. However, recently their diversity has increased, and

For Birds

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Лебедь в Лондоне остановил поезда метро

Многочисленные поезда лондонского метро задерживались и отменялись из-за лебедя, расположившегося на путях и отказывавшегося сдвинуться с места.

How to make friends with a hummingbird

Good day! Today we will talk about a lover of all birds, without exception, who is known on the web as Birdperson666. You will just be surprised how

The most talented duck in the world claims a record in the Guinness book

A duck named Echo is recognized as the most talented duck in the world. The peculiarity of this promising duck is that it owns more than

For Fish


Mysterious creatures of the depths of the seas and oceans

Only 4% of the ocean floor has been explored, so unexplored depths remain one of the last frontiers for new species on Earth. From huge,

Soccer ball-sized goldfish are found in Minnesota's lakes!

Minnesota City officials are urging residents not to release their pet goldfish into the wild! Because these fish can strongly

Cheerful Bulldog Frank and his unusual friend

Nothing is more exciting than adorable animal friendship captured on film! This is why videos about the incredible friendship of a dog and a fish have become

For Turtles and Snakes


190-year-old Jonathan tortoise officially recognized as the oldest tortoise in history

Turtles can move quite slowly, but that's only because they have all the time in the world: these magnificent creatures

How to instantly promote your Instagram profile?

You don't need a super-idea and a fortune to become famous. It is enough to look at the world a little differently. Savwana Mikell from Florida one morning

Turtle weighing 80 kilograms is a TikTok star

Fans are crazy about Tipto, the hugely popular turtle who has taken TikTok by storm. Exotic pet is slow, but his account "Caitlin and

For Exotics


What's behind the fun!

In a number of Asian countries, elephant riding is a traditional tourist attraction. Almost everyone wins - except for the elephants.

Meerkat at home: what's going on there?

One evening Elena found out that in a few days an unusual tenant - a meerkat - would appear in her house. To the kid from South Africa

Who is Agama? But who is he!

Today we have an extremely interesting interlocutor - Valerie Musser, from Redmond, Washington, USA.


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