For Dogs


American Bully: a tough family man

This breed was released relatively recently and is currently at the stage of worldwide recognition. Its representatives are divided into several

Talented dog has made over £15,000 selling her paintings online

The Australian Shepherd has been painting for seven years and sells his work all over the world, and her most expensive piece of art cost

Restless sable Furi and kind husky Shaya

Friends, today we are meeting with the owner of the sable and husky, Muscovite Lina, who will share interesting details: what is it like to get along with such

For Kitty

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Pets of giant size - and their owners did not expect this ...

Judging by the size of these huge pets, their owners will soon need bigger houses, what do you think?

Blind cat Dmitry became a TikTok star

A cat with no eyes has gone viral on TikTok, but his owner has an important message for fans: she encourages adoption of disabled animals!

Interesting facts about white cats

White cats are magnificent in their flawless whiteness. Many cat lovers rank them among the most beautiful cat breeds. We've made a list

For Rodents

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Little prairie dog says hello from Japan!

Hello everybody! Today we will introduce you to a guest from Japan - her name is Eriko, and she lives on the island of Honshu,

"Hamster stories": keeping a hamster by all the rules

How do we choose our animals? Sometimes by accident, sometimes deliberately. Someone's dream of a furry (and not only) friend comes true immediately, others

Mickey and Ricky - funny skinny guinea pigs

Today our guest is Nastasya from Odessa, the owner of two skinny pigs, very funny and cute. Join the conversation to

For Birds

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The penguin jumped into a boat full of people to save his life!

A boat of wildlife photographers unexpectedly became a water taxi for a penguin while visiting Antarctica.

A parrot stole a GoPro camera and filmed himself in flight

A curious parrot captured on camera all the details from a bird's eye view. In the meantime, he still tried to taste the device.

The Eternal City and its Eternal Problem: Birds

Several million birds over Rome is a natural phenomenon worth watching, but it is also a big problem. For some

For Fish


Mysterious creatures of the depths of the seas and oceans

Only 4% of the ocean floor has been explored, so unexplored depths remain one of the last frontiers for new species on Earth. From huge,

Soccer ball-sized goldfish are found in Minnesota's lakes!

Minnesota City officials are urging residents not to release their pet goldfish into the wild! Because these fish can strongly

Cheerful Bulldog Frank and his unusual friend

Nothing is more exciting than adorable animal friendship captured on film! This is why videos about the incredible friendship of a dog and a fish have become

For Turtles and Snakes


190-year-old Jonathan tortoise officially recognized as the oldest tortoise in history

Turtles can move quite slowly, but that's only because they have all the time in the world: these magnificent creatures

How to instantly promote your Instagram profile?

You don't need a super-idea and a fortune to become famous. It is enough to look at the world a little differently. Savwana Mikell from Florida one morning

Turtle weighing 80 kilograms is a TikTok star

Fans are crazy about Tipto, the hugely popular turtle who has taken TikTok by storm. Exotic pet is slow, but his account "Caitlin and

For Exotics


What's behind the fun!

In a number of Asian countries, elephant riding is a traditional tourist attraction. Almost everyone wins - except for the elephants.

Meerkat at home: what's going on there?

One evening Elena found out that in a few days an unusual tenant - a meerkat - would appear in her house. To the kid from South Africa

Who is Agama? But who is he!

Today we have an extremely interesting interlocutor - Valerie Musser, from Redmond, Washington, USA.


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